Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Countdown Has Begun

The official countdown has begun! This Thursday I will be packing up my truck and moving down to Florida. Though I won't be able to move into my apartment until Monday (1/19), my mom, brother, and I will be staying at Universal's Hard Rock Hotel for the weekend. Personally I am kind of disappointed we won't be staying at Disney this weekend but I guess I'll make up for that in the next 4 months. We will be going into the Universal Parks and I guess I am a tad excited to see the new addition to the Harry Potter World. Since I'll be in Florida for 4 months I bought a Universal Studios annual pass. I got the 2nd level pass which offers free parking, discounts on all food and merchandise, entrance into Universal's parties such as Mardi Gras, and a bunch of other cool stuff. It'll be nice to have other options besides Disney.

Since I started packing the other day, I realized how many T-shirts I own and of course 95% of the ones I'm taking are Kappa Delta shirts. Since I have to pay so much for dues, I might as well show off my awesome sorority. Trying to take the bare minimum plus a couple cute other outfits is so hard! I really hope I can fit everything in my truck!

I am beyond excited about this opportunity! I cannot wait until I get to meet my roommate, make awesome friends, go on adventures, and have the time of my life! 

I will try to write one more blog before I leave about my Disney College Program bucket list!